Let’s Talk About Sunday Dinner


Sunday dinner has always been important to me. I am doing research for a book titled:

“If It’s Sunday Dinner We Must Be Family”

Please take the quiz and most especially please share the quiz with your friends. It’s easy to share. Click the “Share This” button below the quiz or click the “Share” button below this post and post on your Facebook wall and Tweet it with your friends. Please encourage them to share it as well.  If you do other forms of Social Media send it out…the more the merrier!

Message me on Facebook if you would like to share your stores about Sunday Dinner.

While we’re talking, please “Like” Jude The Foodie facebook.com/JudeTheFoodie

My goal is to get 200 responses by Wednesday June 27, 2012.

Can we do it?

Have a yummy Sunday



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2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sunday Dinner

  1. I am the Lucky mother of 5 children and my precious little Grandson, Collin! Our Sunday dinners are the nucleus of our family! In the winter we have to really be creative with the space issue to accomodate our ever growing family, but in the summer it is my beautiful front porch all the way!!! We always have extra to invite our wonderful neighbors to join in with our festivities! Our family is very blessed that we can all be together and enjoy<3<3<3

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