Knead The Dough Is A Happy Place To Eat


I have a rule. If three separate people suggest something to me, I think of it as a divine message. I didn’t read Pride and Prejudice until seven years ago because it was referenced by three different people in a short time span. It’s now easily my favorite book.

The first time I heard about Knead The Dough in Ransomville, New York my friend Dorothy mentioned their cinnamon raisin bread. The second time is fuzzy and the third time was by my friend Mary who told me that my love for restaurant tables being set differently was common practice at this breakfast and lunch place just seven miles from our home.

I confess, I love breakfast. I always have. I loved nights when my mom would make us breakfast for dinner. She had the touch with everything and a perfectly seasoned cast iron skillet to make crisp on the outside, soft on the inside home fries. By the way, home fries or hash browns? Home fries everyday of the week for me…and twice on Sunday!

20130128-070711.jpgJody, our server, recommended the Ransom Scramble when I asked what her most popular breakfast was. The home fries and scrambled eggs come with cheddar cheese and I chose to add sausage and roasted red peppers. It was a bite that brought me back to mom’s cast iron skillet dinner. It comes with toast and there were many varieties with wheat, white and cinnamon raisin baked in house. I chose the fresh butter slathered cinnamon raisin bread.

Oh wait, now I remember the third person who suggested Knead The Dough…it was my friend Kim, pictured here with Savannah, the antique pig decked out with more bling than a three year old playing dress up.


She used to teach down the road and loved to come in for the egg salad.


She had it on untoasted Italian bread and the chucks of egg squished out at every bite, just like good egg salad should. I’ve always loved eating the rest of my sandwich with a fork.

Kim and I enjoyed our food so much we barely spoke. If you know us you may think you witnessed another miracle at Lourdes.

The staff and owner are the nicest folks you will ever meet. Patty, the owner and Jody are pictured here with their delicious plates.


Patty chat with us for a while, explaining their history and evoking a friendly feeling. They have been around for 10 years

20130128-074307.jpg I think this is Jessica but I was so enraptured when she spoke I stopped being a food writer and began being a fan without a pad of paper.

The people that work there are either great actors or really love the place. The people that eat there were either coincidental props or happy patrons.

As for me, I was able to spend some time with a dear friend with whom I share a love for singing and writing and meet some new people who wanted to feed me. That combo plate was as good as it gets.

Bonus…while paying my bill I saw some unsliced cinnamon raisin bread and purchased a loaf. I sliced it the next morning and here is what I saw

20130128-070821.jpgIs it me or is that bread smiling at me? Yes or no does not matter because I could only smile back.

Have a yummy day!


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Sweet Breakfast Biscuits

20121215-095637.jpgSweet Breakfast Biscuits

Servings: 9-10
Prep time: 0:10
Total time: 0:30
Categories: Breakfast


• 2¼ c Biscuit Mix
• ⅔ Milk
• 1Tbsp Butter, melted
• 1Tbsp Turbinado Sugar


Preheat oven to 450°

Butter a heavy cast iron skillet.

Mix biscuit mix according to directions (mix until it forms a ball, turn onto board with more biscuit mix, kneed 10 times).

With hands press to about ½ an inch.

Melt butter. Brush onto dough. Sprinkle with sugar. Cut into random geometric shapes.

Place on skillet, with some edges touching. Bake about 11 minutes, until golden grown.

Cool 10 minutes. Enjoy!


Quick Bite: Oatmeal with Cranberry Compote


Cooking your oatmeal takes three more minutes…max…and so worth it. I stirred in a pinch of Vanilla Salt and about 1/4 cup of Silk Pure Almond (unsweetened Vanilla) then added a few generous spoons of my homemade cranberry compote. It’s the healthy beginning of a yummy day!

Quick Bite: Panera Bread


At 6:15 AM I saw the light on at Panera as I was I driving to work. Yes, I know it’s Saturday…

Much to my delight, Brittany was ready for me.

Simple order:

Dark roast with milk. Check.

20121110-075753.jpgOrange scone. Check.

Thank you Brittany!

Which leads me to one of my favorite TV ads for Labatt Beer:

But it’s Saturday! We were biting this morning…we were biting, this morning!

Good Morning French Toast



My son was home this summer after graduation from college. His only “job” was to study and take the CPA exam. Before two of the three tests (four in all) he took this summer I made him his favorite “go to” power breakfast.
In a large bowl, preferably a pie plate, add first five ingredients.

20121103-101052.jpgBeat until combined.

20121103-101111.jpgSlice bread in half length wise from top to bottom.


20121103-114351.jpgAdd to the egg mixture being sure to coat all sides of the bread. Let sit while heating a griddle.

Heat a griddle (or a heavy skillet – you will have to do the toast in a few batches) to medium heat. Add butter and spread over skillet.


Cook first side until the bread moves easily, no more than three minutes. Flip bread and cook for about two more or until bread is golden brown.

My son takes his final part of the exam on Monday…what I wouldn’t give make him some French Toast for his good luck breakfast!

Have a yummy day!

Raisin Bread French Toast

Servings: 3
Prep time: 0:20
Categories: Bread, Breakfast, Egg, Main Dish


• 2 Eggs
• 1tsp Cinnamon
• ½ tsp Pure Vanilla Extract
• 1Tbsp Granulated Sugar
• 1Tbsp ½ and ½ or milk

• 3 Slices of Raisin Bread
• 1tsp Butter

• Pancake Syrup
• Preserves
• Flavored Whipped Butter


In a large bowl, preferably a pie plate, add first five ingredients. Beat until combined.

Slice bread in half length wise from top to bottom. Add to the egg mixture being sure to coat all sides of the bread. Let sit while heating a griddle.

Heat a griddle (or a heavy skillet – you will have to do the toast in a few batches) to medium heat. Add butter and spread over skillet.

Cook first side until the bread moves easily, no more than three minutes. Flip bread and cook for about two more or until bread is golden brown.

Plate two pieces per serving (or more :o). Top with your favorite toppings.

Francesca had hers with Einsteins Pumpkin Schmear.


Quick Bite: Whole Wheat Waffles



Mom made waffles for my foodie niece. These waffles are surprisingly tender, made with whole wheat flour. We had a debate this morning about syrup. 100% maple was not sweet enough for my niece and my sister and I don’t like any “lite” varieties. What is your favorite waffle topping? Have a yummy day!

This Omelet Was “Spot” On!



I met my friend Amy at Spot Coffee on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo NY yesterday. We actually schedule “coffee talk” where we support each other, listen to each other and coach each other. She is a journalist, triathlete and blogger. You can follow her blog, Byline To The Finish Line here. She writes about her training experiences, challenges and triumphs. Today she is running her first ever bike trail wine tasting. How cool is that?

What started as a “lets have coffee and pick each other’s brain” has blossomed into a lovely friendship. As I think of it, she is the only person I see regularly that I am not related to nor that I work with. Amy was the first person to encourage me to write about my weight loss experience and transition into healthier living.

Scheduling friend time has been life giving to me.

I can no longer eat an entire breakfast so Amy and I shared the omelet. It is filled with pepper jack cheese. The bread is lightly buttered toasted wheat focaccia. Still, I threw out several pieces of bread and part of the eggs. But, to me, that is ok because I got the taste and experience I wanted.

Breakfast was good but “coffee talk” was great!

Have a yummy day!


Breakfast at Mom’s

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The last time I was at Mom’s for breakfast I’m sure my father paid. So, it’s been a really long time. I remember coming here when I would go with him to work on the weekend when his Oldsmobile dealership was just down the street on Military Road.

20120909-092702.jpg I ordered the #7 which includes coffee or tea (I love the little coffee carafe set on my table), 2 eggs (I get mine over easy so I can dip my Italian toast into the yoke), ham, bacon or sausage and home fries.

20120909-093158.jpg All this for $5.75. Yum!
One of my most enduring memories is of the table side jukeboxes. Remember those?

Quick Bite: Betty’s


Betty’s Virginia Street, Buffalo, NY

They promised “good food just for you” and they delivered. This is my post airport goodbye meal and Betty even added cheddar to my basic breakfast ($5.25). The 3 seed bread with raisins and walnuts is just wonderful. Thanks Betty!

Lemon Chia Greek Yogurt


Servings: 3
Prep time: 0:15
Total time: 0:15
Calories: 165
Categories: Breakfast, Dessert, Lunch



• 2 Cups 0% Greek Yogurt
• 6 Teaspoons Chia
Zest of one Lemon
• Juice of ½ Lemon
• 2 Tablespoons Agave Nectar
• 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract

• 1 Oz Toasted Almonds OPTIONAL


In medium bowl combine all ingredients except almonds (optional) until smooth. Divide in three (about ⅔ Cup each) into small containers and chill for at least one hour. The longer you chill it the softer the chia becomes. Enjoy!

Made with The Recipe Box.

Have a yummy day!