Chaos Free Sunday

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The older I get the more I like quiet.  I never thought I would ever say that.  Give me excitement, give me action and you give me a great way to spend the day.

Since the middle of October I have only been home more than two consecutive Sundays twice.  October – February found my husband and I traveling to anywhere the Fairfield University Swimming & Diving team competed.  We were in Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania  and Maryland.

In addition to attending all but one swim meet, in the last four months I have traveled to our condo in Boca Raton twice, spent a few days in New York City and spoken at a conference in Boston.  Our son was home for spring break spanning the first two weekends in March and came home the following weekend for the 1st and 2nd Rounds of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  In addition, we had our dear friend and his son from California stay with us for the games.

I am sitting in my house, all alone, without the television or music.  It is glorious.


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I’m a Swim Mom!


I’ve had many titles in my life…many jobs that I’ve done and some I even let define me (shame on me!). I’ve also been called a lot of things in my life (to my face…likely a bunch of unflattering ones behind my back), sweetie by my parents, Jude by my siblings and friends, hun by my husband of over 29 years. I have been called the hammer, the receipt Nazi, the queen of forms by my colleagues but nothing makes me happier than to be called Ma!

Today I pack up the car once again and set off this time to Baltimore for the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Men’s and Women’s Swimming and Diving Championships. The MAAC had to postpone the meet a week while the city dug out from under two snow storms. My husband and I calculated that just this season alone we have logged over 5,000 miles on his SUV and the MAAC’s will put us well over 6,000 miles.

Just a few short years ago I would have wondered about a family that did such a thing. I have worked in college athletics as long as my son has been alive…going on 20 years ago but nothing could have prepared me to be the parent of an NCAA Division I student athlete. I have met many proud parents throughout my career at Canisius College. Most of them have been wonderful, devoted folks whose sacrifice began well before their child stepped onto the playing field (or in our case swimming pool). These are people who gave not only their time but in many cases (hockey parents are a classic example of this) their treasure. Equipment, facility rental, lessons, coaches, tournament fees…it goes on and on…these things cost a lot of money. Swimming is awesome…goggles and a Speedo and off you go!

So, as my Fairfield University sophomore son steps onto the pool deck tomorrow and I once again burst with pride, I would like to congratulate the parents who made this all possible.

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Hello world!

I am not new to blogging – I am also the  I want this blog to be more personal.  It will include not only my life in college athletics but my life as a wife and mother, as well.  I hope you enjoy reading my unique perspective and let me know through comments.

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I am going to copy a post I made a few months ago about being a swim mom – enjoy!