I Miss Buying Glue Sticks in August!

Somehow, oh so subtly I stopped buying glue sticks in August.  I no longer look for that brown paper bag Office Max used to supply with the Sunday newspaper.  I don’t have to stop by the school office and see what plethora of random supplies we will have to invest in each year. 

I’m not buying an art smock or colored pencils.  Oh, and about that smock – when did we go from wearing our father’s old shirt inside-out to a smock which must be replaced every year?  There seems to be a smock scam if you ask me!

I no longer buy crayons or safety scissors.   I always followed the list.  Religiously.  If the list said 24 crayons, 24 it was.  Not 16 and not the box of 64 with the sharpener.  And, of course, we also had to buy a sharpener.   One year, maybe 3rd grade, I “splurged” and went off the list, buying Anthony the box of 64…he was so excited because he never had the one with the sharpener before.  I asked him how many kids in his class had the big box and he said there was a bunch.  Little did I know my son had crayon envy?  Poor thing…annual vacations to California and Florida, dinners at the yacht club, swimming at the country club and my poor deprived son had crayon envy.  How did I survive the trauma of depriving my son of a crayon sharpener and #77 Outrageous Orange?

I’ll tell you how – I stopped going off of the list, that’s how!  Some teachers were so specific about what notebooks they wanted we used to have to drive all over hells creation looking for them.  Well, one year I just stopped.  If generic antibiotic is good enough for people then generic spiral notebooks are good enough, too. 

Anthony knew not to argue…as long as I bought him the Crayola 64 he was “in” on the supply list mutiny.  I just told him to let me know if a teacher ever complained.  If they did, I just sent him to school the next day with two more boxes of Kleenex.    That should shut ‘em up!

Life is good!

Jude Russo Caserta

Twitter: MidMajorMom

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