Town House –Independent Living with Training Wheels


Oh joy, he “made” it into an on campus town house this year.  Yipee! Absent in all of the anticipation of this glorious assignment was that the cost of the town house alone is equal to room and board in the dorms.  Ooopsie!

Good news is that we got the old sectional out of the garage where it has been since the new one arrived during March Madness.  Oh yeah, I can’t say March Madness…silly me…since the NCAA basketball championships in March.  Between the truck rental, the ginormous amount of tolls on the New York State Thruway and the gas we decided it may have been cheaper to go to a discount store and buy a new one.  Ah, but this one has a sofa bed in it.  I don’t know but I’m thinking we may have just contributed to the near occasion of sin.

Anthony could not wait for the independent life of a town house.  Little does he realize, he is now sharing with four other guys rather than just one room mate.  Most of all, he is sharing FOOD with these guys.  How long will it take before there is a fight over who ate the last yogurt (ok, drank the last beer but let me live the dream for just a little longer)?

Not to throw Fairfield University under the bus here but the town house was filthy.  The kitchen was really dirty…not a good way to start.  My husband cleaned the cupboards, counters and walls.  Really?  They clean the dorms, don’t they? But, not wanting to be a helicopter mom, I know it is not my place to complain. 

It appears Anthony may be in charge of grocery shopping.  He does have experience and I have had him shop at home for the family.  The only difference is, shopping at home is with my debit card and shopping at school is with pooled money.  Good luck with that.

He called me the other day and told me each of the guys gave him $20 and he was on his way to Sam’s Club to stock up.  Stock up with $100?  Good luck with that!  He told me what his basic list was and I just chuckled.  He would need double what he had.  I made the tragic error of telling so.  Bad mother! 

I got the next call just after check-out at Sam’s. $67 included chicken (you know Mom, if you buy chicken with the skin on it’s cheaper!), ground beef (we can make our own hamburgers), center cut pork chops and chips (two for one, gotta love BOGO).  He bought bread and buns, a huge bag of frozen broccoli and bananas, cereal and milk and a big bag of charcoal.  He was then off to the Stop-and-Shop for fruit and condiments.  Total spent: $105. 

I am very proud of him and realize he is going to learn way more than how to center a beer pong table on top of Ikea side tables.  He is going to review all of his kindergarten skills only the town house is in place of the sandbox.

Oh, and when I texted him yesterday he said he couldn’t talk…they were having a barbeque!

Life is good!


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