St. Peter Canisius, Pray for Us!

Tonight at 7:00pm at Christ the King Chapel, the center of the campus at Canisius College, the student athletes, coaches and staff will gather for a Mass and convocation.  I have the honor of cantering this Mass and it is a great reminder for me that we are not just an institution of higher learning; we are a Roman Catholic institution complete with the identity of Jesuit education.  Please click here for more insight into what it means for us to continue the Jesuit mission.

When my son was a freshman at Canisius High School he had to do research about St. Ignatius of Loyola.  While he complained about the need to learn about the founder of the Society of Jesus, he took the name Ignatius as his confirmation name (although his dad and I suspect it was because he already had the research done).  In 2007 I had the honor to kiss the ground, in a Roman rectory, where St. Ignatius died.  In that same church was a statue of St. Peter Canisius, the patron saint of our school.

The Society of Jesus “is also said to have been the first order to undertake officially and by virtue of its constitutions active works such as the education of youth of all classes.” (  The 28 Jesuit colleges and universities across the United States are testimony of the mission.

After the Mass tonight the SA’s will listen to various speakers and take head shots for all media publications.  They will be reminded that as a student athlete they have a higher standard they must uphold because where privilege is given also comes great responsibility.  They will fidget in their seats, uncomfortable with the message and probably be a little bored, as well.  I only hope they someday appreciate how special their experience was and uniquely Jesuit.

St. Peter Canisius, Pray for Us!

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