30 Things I’ve learned From My Husband

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1                    Some people like ketchup on eggs

2                    If you imagine a golf hole the size of a garbage can you have a great chance to two putt

3                    Don’t spend it ‘till you got it

4                    The Red Sox rule

5                    A man can watch TV with his eyes closed

6                    Rum and tonic needs a lemon wedge

7                    Look inside for validation, not outside

8                    The grill really IS his domain

9                    In times of crisis it’s good to go to church…just in case

10                Plan for tomorrow and live for today

11                Even when you don’t like each other you will always love each other

12                It’s ok to marry the first person you meet at freshmen orientation

13                Giving to others is most meaningful when they don’t know you’re doing it

14                Even after the worst winter the grass always grows back

15                Surviving the bad times make the good times oh so sweet

16                Being a good father is easy when you are willing to make the hard decisions

17                Time is way more valuable than money

18                Be a Weeble – learn how to wobble but not fall down

19                Ignore the steaks for 10 minutes and they will be perfect

20                Be a Buffalo fan, even when it hurts

21                Take satisfaction in a job well done, even if no one else knows you did it

22                Not all family is connected to you by blood

23                Never interrupt

24                Don’t scream when the goalie comes out of the crease – it’s only a delayed penalty

25                Sunday dinner is important, even if it’s just the two of us

26                Even the most mundane tasks, done without prompting, scream I love you

27                Even after they driest summer the grass always grows back

28                Apologizing after an argument is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength

29                A round of golf didn’t happen unless you can remember every shot

30                When he said he would love me and honor me all the days of my life, he meant it.

Here’s to you, Tommy on 30 absolutely incredible years!  Happy anniversary.

Life is good!


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One thought on “30 Things I’ve learned From My Husband

  1. These are my husbands comments…I guess I was not clear about #19. What I meant to say was that ignore the steaks for 10 minutes AFTER YOU TAKE THEM OFF THE GRILL AND COVER THEM WITH FOIL and you will have the perfect steak…and it’s true.

    And, from him:

    Except for 19 you got it right. I would add that

    #31 A good year is Mass at St. Peters, St. Patricks. St Francis, St Hugos St Killians Fairfield University Chapel and St Joan of Arc. A great year is going to at least 4 of them at least 3 times.

    #32 Buy it new and drive it till it dies.

    So, now I don’t have to add anything for two years 🙂


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