Crazy Culinary Confessions



I like Cream of Wheat. With chocolate chips…they get all melty… When I first started making Cream of Wheat for Tommy when he started eating (or maybe it was Cream of Rice, whatever!) I used to call it Cream of Concrete. It’s yummy and soft when it’s warm but much like polenta, when it dries it sticks to the dish/spoon/high chair tray like super adhesive.

I like egg salad. With sweet pickle relish…I like the crunch as long as it isn’t an egg shell…

I like Tang and I like it the way my brother and I used to make it. More like Tang concentrate.

I like chocolate cake. I like milk. Not so strange except that I like the chocolate cake in the glass of milk. Dad called it mush. The trick is to get enough cake in the glass so that the spoon stands up in it. The cake in the milk is delicious but when you get a taste of the frosting, SCORE!

I like corned beef sandwiches with mayonnaise. Yes, that’s right, mayonnaise. I was almost thrown out of Mastmann’s Deli on Hertle Avenue in Buffalo when I was 8 months pregnant with Anthony for requesting that sandwich. He refused to put mayo on the sandwich until I told him it was for me. He relented but cautioned me that my baby would be born a Gentile! He was crushed when I told him I was not Jewish.

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  2. hahaha… made me laugh! But most of your food combos are sensible. I would eat them the same way! My food combo is hot french fries with Macdonald’s soft serve ice cream. So good! Also, I love soy sauce with pineapples. yum!

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