Holiday Stress Meets Female Hormones: Holimones©


Yes, Holimones©! I think it is a great description of what many of us women feel this time of year.  And, if you are a middle aged female you can really understand this because of the sleep disruption associated with this period of life.

Picture her at the Post Office, sliding her packages through the winding que only to get to the counter and find out she used the wrong marker for the address.  She melts down and a neighbor in line remarks to another “she is normally a very nice, courteous person but, you know those Holimones©…!”

She’s the one online at 3am ordering the Sponge Bob Chia Pet.  What right-minded person would do that?

There she is, like Gumby on acid, dusting the living room at midnight, while cookies bake in the nearby kitchen.  Sleep can wait until the 26th!

She is winding the last package with ribbon as she walks out the door for her next holiday party. 

And, guys, you’re not off so easily?  What happens with middle aged men and their hormones?  What else?

Holirones © 

Life is good!


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3 thoughts on “Holiday Stress Meets Female Hormones: Holimones©

  1. Judy,

    I told my sister yesterday, I don’t know if its hormonal or holiday stress but it’s really bad when you cry at the Foldgers commercial….the one where the son comes home from the army….. really? Have a Merry Christmas. Many blessings for the new year.

  2. Excellent! You captured it Jude! This would explain my sandpaper like finger tips the other day after a late night using crazy glue to finish up a little craft item for a holiday gift.. Too impatient to find gloves so heck just use your fingers.. can’t be too bad…Ha…they call it crazy for a reason!

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