Taillights Disappear: Another Passage

It was still dark when he left this morning so our traditional blinking of the headlights (him) and front porch light (me) quietly symbolized our wave goodbye.  Another college Christmas vacation in the record books.

He reminded his father on one of their many walks during break that he was graduating from college next year.  Wow!

He reminded me that he was turning 21 THIS year.  Wow, again!

He will likely not be home again until the end of the semester, after finals have been written and the car packed once again.  He has so much to look forward to these next few months including a training trip to Hawaii on Thursday.  He will be back in Buffalo in February for the MAAC Swimming and Diving Championships but that trip is not a visit home, just another part of his swim schedule.

Roommates and friends are packing up into cars and driving down to Florida for spring break, hoping they have the need for a side trip to see their Men’s Basketball team play somewhere in the NCAA First Round.  Easter break will be down at the condo and although it is a second home, I think by then he will be pining for his northern one.

Our regular visits end this month as the season is finally drawing to a close.  This is the semester when I miss him…the house is so quiet…

When he returns in May it will not be for the traditional 3 ½ month break.  He will only spend two weeks at home before we move him to NYC for a 10 week summer internship at PWC.

Today I’ll remember our light flashing goodbye as I pray he has a safe trip and misses me just a little, too!

Life is good!


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