Loyalty: Be True To Your School

 Dogs are loyal.

Parents can be loyal, to a fault.

Fans are loyal, until the team starts to lose.

Employees are loyal, but not as much as they used to be.

A friend is loyal, especially when defending your honor.

A spouse should be loyal, showing faithfulness to their vows.

Loyalty was discussed all of the time in my house growing up although I did not think of it until I was an adult.  I was raised knowing that loyalty was one of the utmost characteristics which would secure a relationship no matter if the relationship was personal or business.  My father used to always talk about people who “always” bought their car from him, or in the negative, “never” bought their car from him.  The worst insult you could levy on my father was to shop his store then buy from a competitor. 

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Today my son is coming home to compete in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference Swimming and Diving Championships at Erie County Community College’s natatorium.  This is a dream come true for him… junior at Fairfield University swimming NCAA Division I at a pool where he competed in high school.  Many of his family and friends who have never had the opportunity to see him swim in college can stop by this week and experience a little of the excitement that championships bring.

So what of loyalty?  My alma mater and employer, Canisius College is hosting this championship!  Although I will be decked out in Fairfield red and will act as a host for the parents, I will be wearing my Golden Griffin pin and Canisius Athletics jacket.

As those great philosophers, the Beach Boys once sang:

So be true to your school now
Just like you would to your girl or guy
Be true to your school now
And let your colors fly
Be true to your school”

GO STAGS! Fairfield University

GO GRIFFS! Canisius College

Life is good!


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Please stop by my movie page (look up…you can see it…right up there between Guest Book and Musings).  And, here is my movie challenge – please suggest one favorite movie you think I would enjoy.  I will watch it, review it and try to figure out why you thought it was a good match for me. 

Serendipity Poster By the way, the frozen hot chocolate is REALLY that good!

My first suggestion comes from my friend Michael who thinks I should watch Love Actually.  Funny he should mention this movie because I watched it for the first time just before Christmas.  I had no idea that it was considered a Christmas movie…I was just sort of into Hugh Grant at that time!  So, does this count (because I just saw it and but it was in 2010)?

Amy – you gave me some great titles – pick one and I will watch it.  Sharyl and Colleen – you guys are big into movies…and know me pretty well – what should I watch.  Duffy – you also seem to be a movie buff – any recommendations?

I will learn about you and enjoy a few movies – no down side!

Have a grand and glorious day!