My Movie Page: #8 Anastasia (1956) and #9 Serendipity (2001)

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Please stop by my movie page (look up…you can see it…right up there between Guest Book and Musings).  And, here is my movie challenge – please suggest one favorite movie you think I would enjoy.  I will watch it, review it and try to figure out why you thought it was a good match for me. 

Serendipity Poster By the way, the frozen hot chocolate is REALLY that good!

My first suggestion comes from my friend Michael who thinks I should watch Love Actually.  Funny he should mention this movie because I watched it for the first time just before Christmas.  I had no idea that it was considered a Christmas movie…I was just sort of into Hugh Grant at that time!  So, does this count (because I just saw it and but it was in 2010)?

Amy – you gave me some great titles – pick one and I will watch it.  Sharyl and Colleen – you guys are big into movies…and know me pretty well – what should I watch.  Duffy – you also seem to be a movie buff – any recommendations?

I will learn about you and enjoy a few movies – no down side!

Have a grand and glorious day!



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