Ick! How old is That Soup?

So, as I rearrange my cupboards I find this can of soup which says it is good until March 2005.  2005?  Really?  I mean, I must have bought it in like ’02 or ’03.  My college junior son would have been in middle school.  Gosh, I’ve had not one but two colonoscopies since then!  Am I crazy?

Perhaps yes, but I’ll bet if you look back there you may find your own dented, rusty gem.  There are so many reasons why this happens.

1.  We may not have been in the mood for that particular culinary delight upon purchase and it drifted to the back as preferences changed.

2.  We may have more than one shopper in the house that may put groceries away with a different idea of organization.

3.  We don’t actually plan our shopping by looking at empty spaces and filling in.  This, of course, assumes we have a plan for our shelves.  Most of us just fill in where there is space knowing that soup goes in that general place.

I’m sad about all of the money wasted on perfectly good food and realize those starving people in ___ cannot benefit from my error. 

I am also happy, though.  As part of my three step program (upcoming blog) of outrunning diseases obesity can bring, I am literally getting my life in order.  This includes getting rid of those t-shirts which take up valuable dresser space (how many can you possibly need), scheduling exercise and organizing my kitchen.

I now have room for grab and go healthy choices and can better plan my meals during the work week.  As for that can of soup…the garbage disposal and recycling bin are the beneficiaries of that.

Life is good!


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