The Foodie at the Lewiston Art Festival: Artichoke French

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If it’s a festival there must be food and I was so happy to try some artichokes today at the Lewiston Art Festival.

Artichoke French is a dish created by a woman from Rochester whose husband was happy to share the story.

She made up this recipe years ago and it was always the first one eaten at pot luck suppers.

They started their foodstand 15 years ago and open each year at Rochester’s Lilac Festival.

It is artichokes lightly floured then dipped in an egg wash (the egg is what makes it “French” like French toast).

They saute them in olive oil with garlic and white wine. It is served with a hunk of bread (so good to dip in the juice) and Romano cheese.

I loved it! Enjoy the festival!

(Editor’s Note: Jude Russo Caserta is the food and wine columnist for and she stopped by our booth early. If you can, stop by!)


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