Cranberry Compote Thanksgiving Classic

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I love everything about Thanksgiving. I love the planning. I love having my son home. I love setting my table. I love making turkey stock.

I love cranberries, especially my homemade cranberry compote. I love stuffing. I love mashed potatoes. I love pie. I love that it is a holiday without gifts. I love the smell in my house. I love homemade anything.

And, I love leftovers.

Ask anyone who spends days preparing a meal and they will likely tell you the cook barely tastes anything that day. Friday, even before anyone else rises I have already had a piece of dark meat, a scoop of cold dressing and a slice of chocolate pie. I have been known to hide a piece on Thanksgiving for my coffee time in the morning. Yum!

On Friday, give my turkey sandwich a try:

Easy Family Size Turkey Sandwich

One loaf flat Ciabatta Bread or Unsliced Italian Bread

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Garlic Clove

Leftover Turkey

Leftover Cranberry Compote*

Slice bread in half and put cut side up under broiler until lightly toasted

Brush Extra Virgin Olive Oil and rub garlic over bread.

Spread a layer of cranberry compote then turkey onto bread. Press down. Slice the bread into two-to-three-inch pieces. Variation: layer slices of fresh mozzarella cheese on top

*Cranberry Compote

1 bag fresh Cranberries (rinsed, removing any damaged berries)

1 Cup Orange Juice

1 Navel Orange (Zest 1-2 tablespoons of peel; cut peel and outer membrane revealing orange pulp; with sharp knife, remove wedges between membrane)

1 Cup Yellow Raisins

1 Cup Granulated Sugar

In a heavy medium saucepan add all ingredients. Take the remaining orange membrane and squeeze it into pan. Bring to a boil, reduce heat to medium low and let simmer until thick, about 20 minutes. Remove from heat, cool and refrigerate until serving.

Today and every day I am thankful for my husband, son and family who love me, a home to share with those I love and the freedom to do as I please.

I am also thankful for Tim and Dawn Schmitt who have given me the opportunity to chat with you each Thursday.

(Editor’s note: And we’re thankful for the chance to read about The Foodie’s experiences!)



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