Putting together a New Year’s game plan


The Foodie:

The year 2011 was an epic one for me and I am trying to continue the momentum. Below are some things which could be called resolutions, desires and proclamations.

I welcome any additions to this list, especially under the category “Things I Would Like To Learn.”

Things I will continue doing:

• I will shop around the outside of the grocery store for food that is whole and fresh.

• I will include lean protein in every meal because I know how satisfied it makes me feel.

• I will look for appetizers on the menu as entrees and be aware of portion distortion.

• I will let what is fresh dictate my menu.

• I will buy locally whenever possible.

Things I need to do:

• I will look in my freezer and dispose of any food that is unidentified, covered with frost or outdated. Here is a guide from the magazine Real Simple.

• I will look in my cupboards and dispose of any food that is outdated.

• I need to get my knives sharpened.

Things I want to do:

• I want to visit every winery on the Niagara Wine Trail.

• I want to learn about honey and why eating local honey is superior.

• I want to learn more about my pressure cooker and foods I can prepare using it.

• I want to learn more about different cuts of meat, what they are useful for and if they are cyclical.

• I want to talk to chefs who use the farm to table philosophy.

• I want to write more about my dining experience as I travel throughout the year.

• I want to meet more foodies and get their take on cooking and dining out.

What would you like to do this year? Please send me suggestions and we will see what we can see, learn and do together this year.