Dick & Jenny’s Bake and Brew


She suggested Dick and Jenny’s Bake and Brew http://www.dickandjennysny.com/ on Baseline Road in Grand Island.

Dick and Jenny have a tragic happy-ending story. They met and fell in love in New Orleans and eventually opened a restaurant in the Big Easy.

Things went well as they were well received and successful … until Hurricane Katrina. The restaurant survived, but their home did not.

They evacuated to Grand Island to be with family and decided to stay. Happily, their restaurant in New Orleans was purchased by their employees and they decided to grow some new roots on Grand Island.

I joined my friends last week at this adorable restaurant tucked back on the island, and had a surprise gourmet meal.

They happened to be celebrating restaurant week one week early (timing is everything, no?) and we each sampled Dick’s Tasting Sensation Menu ($20.12 plus $13 for wine samples – no brainer!). Click here for the menu.

The three of us each selected a different first course and, as good friends do, tasted each other’s selection.

The soup duo was great and the tomato soup was my favorite (almost like a stew, so thick with chunks of tomato).

I had the smoked salmon and loved frisee salad, dressed lightly with crumbled egg on top.

My other friend had the crab cake dish and loved the fried green tomato.

The second course brought us a pair of duck cigars and one crawfish tasso cheesecake. We loved the cigars but I look forward to going back soon and ordering that seafood cheesecake.

It was light and packed with flavor and the sauce was delicious.


My friend ordered the mac and cheese as her entrée. The portion was considered a tasting size but it was more than enough for a full meal.


The bacon added a smoky flavor while the Gorgonzola cheese added a tang and creaminess. I loved it and almost wished I had ordered that myself. We found out we could vote for it by March 31.

Believe me, it’s getting my vote – it still makes me happy just thinking about it. Two of us had the pork loin. I liked it a lot and enjoyed the apple mashed potatoes. I am going to try that next time I make them.

The atmosphere is fun and the parking ample. I am really looking forward to going again because there are so many things on the menu I would love to try.

Maybe my “let’s get together” friend could do it again!

Have a yummy week!