Lots from the files; seafood, Easter bread, manicotti and more


Life is moving fast … here are a few notes from my Foodie Files:

This picture (below right) caused quite a stir on my Facebook page. I guess I’m not the only one who has memories of these dishes.

I remember when my mother, her two sisters and my grandmother used to combine their “sets” for a holiday so we could have matching dishes.

To this day I do not know how they got back their own dishes…probably because it didn’t matter.



On Good Friday, our family does a seafood feast.
We have made king crab for years but did not want to pay the crazy price this year. Instead we purchased this snow crab.

Turns out, it was much easier to cook (boiled it with some parsley in the water) than the king. We served it with melted butter.

Also on the menu this year was pan seared Ahi tuna, grilled swordfish and tilapia picatta.



Before Easter, I wrote a column about making my grandmother’s Easter bread.
I asked my friends to give the recipe a try and to share their experience.

More than the bread, I was hoping they would start a tradition their family would remember.

My cousin Rene sent me this picture (left) of these beautiful loaves of breadmade from her mother’s recipe.

Aren’t they just wonderful?

The best part is that she did it with her daughters, passing along the tradition.



Last week I told you about my niece Francesca.

She and I really enjoyed cooking together while we were on vacation. Here is a picture of homemade manicotti.

My mother had some sauce in the freezer that she made a month earlier and we needed to eat it before we went home. Not a problem for us!

Francesca was on a crepe kick and so my mother taught her how to mix the ricotta and how to roll the manicotti. It was sooo good, I wish I had a leftover right now.

I promise to do a column soon on how to make these special crepes.



This is a picture (left) of calamari at JB’s on the Beach in Deerfield Beach, Florida ..
Just ‘cause!


That’s it from my files for this week.

Have a yummy week.