Bubble Tea: Slimy Yet Satisfying?

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Ever hear of Pinterest? It’s a fascinating way to collect your favorite images and ideas on boards. The boards become almost magazine-like collections. In other words, it’s yet another social media way to waste more time. Trust me, I just love it. I really do. By the way, I’m Jude Caserta so follow my boards if you would like. It’s fun.


This column was inspired by a “pin” I saw last week for bubble tea.

I saw this pin and wondered what bubble tea was. I did what any sensible person would do: I asked my Facebook friends. Their responses were varied and informative. They were also funny and irreverent. Here is a sample:

KC calls it interesting while Irene thinks it is really good. She told me that you can get it at Thai restaurants and it comes in different favors. Julie, my friend and colleague likes it a lot…without the bubbles. She says the bubbles weird her out…and without the bubbles it’s creamy tea. Ok. What does that mean?

Michelle and Loretta described it as slime. Yummy! Who wouldn’t want to rush out and try that?

My cousin Angela gave me a crash course in bubble tea. She wrote “Bubble tea = boba tea, if you’re doing some research on it. It’s like a tea smoothie, you can get it in fruit or tea flavors – usually made with milk or yogurt. The “bubbles” are tapioca beads, traditionally they’re large beads (probably 2 – 3x the size of the beads used in tapioca pudding), but I’ve seen anything from mini up to “jelly” (jell-o cube-ish) size. Absolutely delicious, more of a treat than a drink with a meal.”

It was time for me to find out, but how?

I looked up bubble tea on the internet and found Tea Leaf Café. When I posted that I was going there my cousin Catherine told me she was actually engaged there. I guess they like it!

I headed there after work and had a mango almond bubble tea. They explained that the bubbles were huge tapioca beads that you sucked through with an over-sized straw. I found it pleasant tasting (I love almond and mango) and unusual at the same time. If I chew my drink it is usually ice or fruit, not tapioca. It was strange but still very good.

My next adventure in bubble tea led me to Gin Gin on Sheridan Drive in Amherst.

My niece Juliana recommended it so I thought it was a good opportunity to see how another restaurant does the bubbles. I ordered vanilla bubble tea. It came sealed and the server “popped” it with the large bubble slurping straw. It was very creamy and mild and the bubbles were a little more firm than the ones I had last time. I actually liked this more.

I am reminded of a line from the Lion King when Pumbaa slurps a worm and says “slimy yet satisfying!”

I think bubble tea may be an acquired taste.

Have a yummy week!


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