S’more than a Bonfire


The Foodie:

Last week I had a get-together with six of my sixteen cousins and many of their family (the six who grew up next door and across the street) and there was neither a wedding announcement nor an obituary involved.

You know how it goes … remember how much fun we used to have? We really need to get together. I promise I’ll call. Then we all get so busy we never do.

Well, last week, spur of the moment, I organized a bonfire at my house. We had a blast!

Here is what I did to have a party that I could actually enjoy.

• I organized as much electronically as I could. That means I used Facebook and text messaging as much as possible. Because this came together in just a few days there was no time for formal invitations.
• Buy S’more fixings (wish I had this list before my party … I forgot :o)
• Everyone asked if they could bring something. Sure! A snack or something sweet. Also, I asked them to bring chairs. Those bag chairs are so comfortable and perfect with cup holders. Handy!
• I “dialed” the main course. You just can’t go wrong with pizza and wings.
• Plastic and paper everything.
• I had several drink buckets overfilled with ice. They must have brought a lot of beer because I think I actually put more back in the refrigerator than I purchased that day. No worries … beer never goes to waste around here.
• I placed a plastic storage box for empties next to the drink buckets. I kept a garbage bucket close by with extra bags inside.
• I made one signature drink — a quick sangria. I thought I made a lot. I guess not because it was gone before the ice could melt.

Quick Sangria
(Makes a little less than a gallon)

2 – 1.5 Liter bottles Sangria (I like real but whatever ready-made sangria you enjoy works just fine)
1 – 12 oz. frozen concentrate lemonade
1 – 12 oz. frozen concentrate limeade or other juice (I used white grape and peach on the 4th)
1 – Cup Orange-flavored vodka (I mixed some pear vodka with citron for the bonfire – be creative)
2 – Lemons
4 – Limes

Mix the sangria, juice concentrate and vodka. Add fruit, cut into wedges and lots of ice. Serve in large glasses filled with ice. Enjoy!

When the food was put away and my family back home, I sat by the fire happy that I didn’t over think this get together and truly enjoyed being with people who know me as well as I know myself.