Dear Judges: #LewistonBest Small Town for Food!


This just in: get ready to welcome Team ‘Road Bros” to Lewiston. We will update dates as soon as they are available.


Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen because Rand McNally, USA Today and CBS for the Travel Channel are coming to Lewiston NY!

Prepare to roll out the red carpet because in the next few weeks judges from will be in Lewiston, NY as they tour six small towns across America competing for the title “Best Small Town for Food” in the USA!

The road rally begins tomorrow in Washington, DC as five sets of judges are announced. Each set of judges will visit 6 small towns over the next month and descend upon Seattle on July 13th where the winners in each category will be announced July 16th.

Lewiston is unique and special for so many reasons. First, of the 177 small towns vying for the six finalist spots Lewiston garnered the most votes. And, of the six finalists, Lewiston is the smallest, by far.

Best of all, there was no “Chamber of Commerce” media blast, no carefully coordinated ad campaign or expensive consulting firm waving the banner.

No, it was a grass roots campaign made up of volunteers who just love the little square mile of Food Under Niagara – F.U.N! Lewiston takes pride in knowing that in over 30 places to eat there is only one chain.

Here is how it works: the judges will let us know when they will arrive. We can engage them immediately and plan a rally at the Silo (details to follow when available). The next day they go on a tour of the towns restaurants and attractions with one host. I am honored and proud to say that I have been selected to act as guide. I travel on my stomach and I am very excited to show these folks how to that very thing in Lewiston.

How can you be a part of the F.U.N.?

1. Check out everyday as I announce more details as they become available. We should have a better idea of the judges schedule tomorrow (June 15, 2012)

2. Prepare to bring all your friends and family to the rally at the Silo on Water Street with posters, placards and anything you can think of to make a big splash welcome for the judges. Date TBA

3. Follow @BestOfTheRoad on Twitter as they Tweet information about the road rally.

4. Download the Best Of The Road app on your smartphone and follow the fun.

5. Follow me @JudeTheFoodie as I Tweet #LewistonBest throughout the competition.

6. Follow Historical Association of Lewiston and Museum on Facebook

7. “Like” JudeTheFoodie on Facebook for more information

There is more to come!

Have a yummy week!


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