Birthday Cake: The Real Breakfast of Champions!



36 years ago (exactly 2/3 of my life ago – naturally I just did the math) I met my husband. One of the first things we discussed was our birthdays which are one day (and 3 years) apart.

Do you do the cake cutting ceremony in your family where the birthday girl or boy cuts the cake and the person with the next birthday pulls it out? Two wishes, one cake! I love that! And, in our case more often than not, one cake, two birthdays.

So, with my husband’s birthday one day before mine I usually end up baking my own birthday cake. When I got married a million years ago I got this cookbook as a shower gift.

20120618-072229.jpgOn page 101 there is a recipe for a golden cake (looks more white than golden when baked) that is SO good I have made it countless times since.

If you sign my guest book and tell me your birthday (month and day) I will send you the complete birthday cake recipe to enjoy with your family.

This year I made homemade lemon curd (not a difficult recipe but takes twice as long as they say) and it was really good.

Funny thing, though…golden cake with homemade frosting (from an antique recipe of my grandmother) is my husband’s favorite. Me? I’m a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting girl myself. That’s not to say I don’t love the golden birthday cake, just that every once in a while I long for my own cake, not baked by my own hands.

So, this year at a birthday/Father’s Day BBQ at our cousins home I baked my husband the golden birthday cake and my mom baked me my favorite chocolate cake!

20120618-073647.jpgthen, to the disgust of many, I did something in honor of my father.

20120618-073917.jpgI made “mush.” Stuff a piece of chocolate cake in a glass and fill with milk only until the spoon can still stand up.

Eat and enjoy!!!

Have a yummy week!

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