#LewistonBest Big Finish: Water Street Landing

I have been doing a “big review” of the Best of the Road Travel Channel extravaganza last week in Lewiston NY and realized that my phone died before I could post pictures of the Water Street Landing dessert and “Remember Us” closing celebration.

Brian, Jon DiBernardo (owner of Water Street Landing) and Mike…

You can see that Brian is enjoying Water Street Landing’s Banana Cream Puff Pastry. It is puff pastry dough, French vanilla ice cream, hand whipped cream, sliced bananas, baked meringue.

20120627-111235.jpgSound man Tim digging in to the treat…

20120627-111857.jpgLewiston Porter High School’s own Notoriety sang their a Capella tunes to an admiring audience.

The lovely and exceedingly talented Anne DiFazio organized all of the entertainment seen here with The Road Bros.