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Didn’t ask and gave me whipped cream…I love her. Have you hugged your barista today?


Musings While Making Sauce

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My son’s Facebook status: “there is nothing in the world like waking up to the smell of sauce already cooking. I love being Italian“.

It’s many hours and many hand washings later and I can still smell what I cooked all over my hands. And, that’s not a bad thing!

I am using the last of the San Marzano tomatoes I canned last fall. I guess I will need to do more this year!

The herb garden is one of the stars of the show. I love seeing the green of the parsley in my meatballs.

20120722-162406.jpgI’m very loyal. I think Contadina makes a great, consistent product. When I don’t have my own tomatoes I always use Contadina.

20120722-162517.jpgI remember as a girl watching my mother make meatballs. She would shiver with how cold the meat was. Sometimes she would ask me to roll up her sleeves (I learned about food safely as a young foodie!).

20120722-162652.jpgThis bowl of olive oil and 1/4 cup measure are my secret weapons while making meatballs. With the eggs, cheese, breadcrumbs and spices I get ten 1/4 cup meatballs per pound of ground meat. It is exceedingly predictable so planning is easy and they cook evenly when they are the same size.

20120722-162940.jpgHere are those little soldiers, all lined up in a row. The secret here is the pork fat and juice on the bottom of the foil lined pan. Before I even chop an onion or pepper I fire up my broiler, line my heavy 13″ x 9″ baking pan and cook my pork. I used pork shoulder and ribs today. They were big so I cut each into three pieces.

20120722-163256.jpgYup, that’s nutmeg. It adds a subtle flavor that no one can recognize.

20120722-211022.jpgThere are six more just like it in the freezer. These two are going to friends.

Have a yummy day! JudetheFoodie.com

Tang, Aquanet, Beehives and Bewitched


11 years ago today my brotherwent to heaven. Those last few weeks we used to joke that when he came home from the hospital we would celebrate with a “Tang Toast” like they mocked on Saturday Night Live.

I absolutely love Tang. Come on! The astronauts drank it so how bad could it be? Unless zero gravity did something to magically transform this incredible powder nothing you can say to me can deter me from being passionately in love with Tang.

I also cannot remember the last time I had it. Seriously, I guess they still make it but I have not had it in years…yet…as I type this I can taste it right now. And, I feel happy, awash in the memories I have so genuinely attached to the sweet and tangy tangerine drink.

As I enter the “way back” machine it is Thursday evening in 1969 and my mother is in the bathroom spraying Aquanet hairspray on her already perfectly quaffed beehive hairdo. It’s bowling night and she is getting ready to go bowling with her sisters and her mother.

20120720-004039.jpgMy sister is little, lying on her stomach in the middle of the family room watching television and waiting for Bewitched to come on at 8:30pm. My brother is around, probably doing homework or listening to his stereo in his original man cave (he didn’t have to share a room…) complete with a Kenwood receiver and Yamaha speakers

20120720-001033.jpgMy father’s car dealership closed at 9:00 pm on Thursdays and he stayed until the last prospect either signed or left. My brother was in charge! He was instructed to let my sister stay up and watch Bewitched but knew she had to go to bed immediately following her favorite show. Dad would probably not get home until at least 9:30pm and that gave us about 20 minutes for T.A.N.G!!!

Now, we never used a measuring spoon/scoop/cup to make our sugary elixir, no sir! We just poured it into the bottom of the glass and added water. There were times when we had so much powder in the bottom of the glass that no amount of stirring would blend it together. If he added ice cubes the sugar would plaster to the cube like glue making the ice almost slimy. All the better! We would sip away acting like kids who stole the bottle of rum, trying to finish our syrupy drink before dad got home. It was our Thursday tradition. I remember when he went away to Notre Dame missing the Tang buddy almost as much as I missed him driving me around everywhere.

I have so many memories of my brother but this one brings our bond into clear view for me.

Joe – do they have Tang in heaven? I’ll bet they do!

Live a yummy life!


Lewiston: Let’s Keep This Ball Rolling!

20120717-181825.jpgThat fateful day, January 27, 1991 when Scott Norwood kicked that ball into the air during what is now referred to as Super Bowl #1(or the wide right game) we were convinced we were going to win. Nope and the rest is Buffalo Bill’s and WNY history. Our psyche has been knocked around for a long time, and ever since Johnny Carson joked about all of the snow we got during the Blizzard of ’77 we started thinking as if we were nothing but a bunch of losers. 20120717-181836.jpg

Hell, everyone knows Dallas Star Brett Hull was in the crease during Game 6 at the Arena in June of 1999…but we’re not bitter…well…maybe just a little.

20120717-181843.jpg“Baby” Joe Mesi, the undefeated heavy weight boxer from Tonawanda, referred to as Buffalo’s Third Franchise, ended up losing his chance at the big fight due to that last hit…I guess it always does…that ended his career…we just can’t win!

Lucy ALWAYS lifts the football and Charlie Brown ALWAYS tries to kick it anyway.

Something strange happened to me today. First, and I think it is so much of my WNY brainwashing, I was fully prepared to lose the Rand McNally Best Of The Road contest. I cannot say it was based on rational thought, maybe perhaps, simply based on trying not to be too disappointed. It’s sort of like talking yourself out of getting the Schwinn Stingray bike with banana seat when you can only hope for the girly bike with the streamers coming out of the handle bars (too specific?).

I have never been a part of something so special in such a short amount of time. We moved forward so quickly we did not have time to over think the process. I think we were very successful and should feel like winners. Mike and Brian had a blast and fell in love with our small town.

‘Okay…so, we lost. We are not going to “get on the map” on their GPS. We are, however going to be on the Travel Channel on July 25th at 8:00 PM. It may only be for a minute but who cares? The winners will not likely get much more time than we do. How do we keep this momentum and build on it?

We have such an opportunity. What are we going to do with it?

It’s not an end. It’s a beginning.

Lewiston – what’s next?

Have a yummy week!


S’mores Brownies

‘S’mores Brownies

Servings: 24
Categories: Dessert
Source: JudeTheFoodie.com


• 1 Chocolate Cake Mix
• 2 Eggs
• 1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil
• 1 12 Oz Bag Chocolate Chips (Semi Sweet or Milk)
• 1-1 ½ Cups Mini Marshmallows
• ½ Package Graham Crackers


Preheat oven to 350°

Spray a 13″ x 9″ pan lightly with cooking spray.

In a large bowl add cake mix, eggs and vegetable oil. Mix with a wooden spoon until blended. You will use your muscles for this. Add chips and marshmallows and stir evenly.

Over bowl break each graham cracker into bite sized pieces. Stir to blend evenly.

Put dough into prepared pan and spread evenly with clean hands. Bake about 25 minutes until toothpick comes out clean.

Cool on rack for 30 minutes. Run a spatula along the side of the pan to gently separate brownie from pan. Cool completely, cut and enjoy!

Have a yummy day! JudeTheFoodie.com

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