Good Morning Youngstown


20120905-080608.jpg It’s a beautiful morning in Youngstown. It’s a great day at the Fort Niagara lighthouse.

Have a yummy day.



2 thoughts on “Good Morning Youngstown

  1. My Uncle was the Chief Petty Officer in the Coast Guard and lived in the house next to the Lighthouse and us kids would get the key and play in the Lighthouse. My cousin Rick and I would go up and spit cherry pits on the sidewalk below. My Aunt would get so mad at us, she sold fruit to tourists going into the Fort. I can’t tell you how many memories I have of this Lighthouse and the home next to it. Cherished memories.

  2. Back in the day, my school bus drove into the fort to pick up Rick in the house next to the light house. We all sat in the back of the bus & played cards.
    I’ve never been in the lighthouse, but I’ve always admired it.

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