An Open Answer to a Recent Facebook Status



Facebook Status:

“If you work really hard and are kind, amazing things will happen. *B…S…*”

There was a ton of agreement until a friend posted a perfect response. She reminded her that if we content ourselves with money we are surely going to be disappointed. But if we act kindly ourselves and show our strength of character everyday then things would be just fine. This lady was spot on!

Here is my take…

Life’s greatest leveling tool is our own attitude. The older we get the more negative crap we have to balance. My grandmother used to say that we all have a cross to bear. I agree with her. But I add a few more things.

Everyone has a cross to bear. Each persons cross is the heaviest because its the only one they know. It’s how we carry the cross that shows who we are.

When I was 30 I thought the world was over. My son was gone and my future dim. Everyone had healthy children, big houses, fabulous jobs and I had an empty room, four years of debt from his illness and lost my job when my father sold his dealership.

Everyone was happy but me.

Then I made a conscious decision to be happy. I seriously had to reframe almost everything I knew to be true. And, eventually I began to believe the stuff I preached to myself.

Today I work hard to see the glass half full. Even when I know others “have” way more than I do…bigger families, bigger houses and better jobs…I make the choice.

I am happy.

This I know about you: you are smart, you are determined and you are kind. Decide that you will be happy.

Mean people are all around us. They make more noise so they get more attention.

Kind people are all around us, too. They most often quietly impact everyone around them. Often we feel better around them and don’t know why. We usually credit some other outside force. But they are there.


You are one of them. Be kind. Look inside for your happiness. Content yourself on a job well done, a shared smile or affirming someone else’s kindness.

I believe in you. Believe in yourself.

Have a yummy day…pass it on!


3 thoughts on “An Open Answer to a Recent Facebook Status

  1. I am so happy you felt the impact of my writing. And, you just gave me a gift today by your gratitude.

    Thank you for reading and I hope to learn more about you.

    Have a yummy weekend!


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