Quick Bite: Salerno Santa’s Favorites



I remember them called Jingles. But, no matter what you call them these anise flavored cookies not only evoke memories of Christmases past but specifically of a lady in the office at my father’s car dealership. My mother did not buy them so I only ate them there. Have a yummy day!


6 thoughts on “Quick Bite: Salerno Santa’s Favorites

  1. Sadly, once Salerno sold-out to Keebler, neither cookie is as good as the original Salerno Jingle. I’ve bought both and have done blind-folded taste tests (yes, I am THAT into Jingles). I think the Salerno version is still better (a stronger anise flavor), but both have made the cookies smaller, with less detail in the cookie cut out pattern and a whole lot less of the red and green sugar sprinkles.

    I still buy the Salerno version to support the old local tradition and enjoy a few cookies with a hot cup of tea. Mmmm

    • Leandra – there are a lot of very passionate feelings about this cookie. You are spot on in your description of the differences. In spite of it all, it is still nice to have a little of that memory to hold on to.

      Thanks for your comment and I hope you are well!


    • Please tell me where you buy the Salerno cookies, I am from Chicago, and wanted my children to taste them! Thanks! I totally loved the Jingles!!

  2. I live in West Michigan but I grew up in Western New York (Kenmore) and cannot find these cookies anywhere this year–would you be willing to send some to me also? no other cookies can compare to their taste– not to mention childhood memories!

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