Giving up on Perfect…Is


The table is totally trashed…linen, glasses, cookie crumbs…the post holiday table at it’s finest. The only difference for me is that this picture was taken on December 26th, not Christmas night. image

Now, my mother has given me much sage advice over the years and she has proven to be 98.76% correct. That other 1.24% includes never go to bed with a messy kitchen.

First off, if I took that advice I’d die of sleep deprivation.

Second, who exactly is harmed when I don’t clean up? If the little fairies don’t come in during the night, who else will see it?

And if the little fairies do come and they don’t clean up then what good are they, anyway?

I have discovered that what would take me 2 hours at night will only take 30 minutes in the light of the next day.

I was not struck by lightening last night. All that happened was a good night’s sleep.

Have a yummy day!


4 thoughts on “Giving up on Perfect…Is

  1. I went to bed with a messy kitchen myself last night. My children didn’t show up for the dinner that was set for 5 until almost 7:30-grr! It was closing in on ten pm when they left, and looking at all those dishes was more than I could take. I didn’t have time to clean them up before I went to work today, so unless my fabulous husband cleaned them up after I left (which he very well may have, he’s so awesome) I’m sure they will be waiting for me when I go home for lunch. Weeeee!!! -And I won’t do them then either. Ha ha. Darling husband gets home from work earlier than I do, and since he usually does do the dishes, he will probably take care of them anyway. Thanks for sharing this. We don’t have to be perfect, and dishes left until the next day never hurt anyone, did they?

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