Nothing Tastes Better Than The Food We Remember

A few weeks ago I posted this picture on my Jude The Foodie Facebook page.

My status:


“Working from home…actually licked the dip off the plastic cover…is that wrong?”

Now, at the time I had 122 wonderful foodie friends following me. If 50% of them viewed this picture I would have been over the moon. Facebook does all of these cool analytics and they will tell you how many people saw each post. They give two numbers. The first group is described as organic (those folks who subscribe to my page). As of now, 74 or my followers have seen this post. That means that 60% of my foodie friends saw this post. Cool!

Here’s the cool kicker: 357 more people were viral viewers. This means they saw the post from a friend or a friend of a friend. Even cooler! In addition, 23 people “liked” it and there were 34 comments.

And this is all because I mentioned that I licked the dip off the plastic cover. Maybe I should not call it the cover but the removable film that protects the product from contamination. I would never lick the actual cover that you put on to store it in the refrigerator, not unless I knew I was going to eat the whole thing, like a yogurt.

We love food. Food brings us back to memories of youth, to a simpler time, even if it was anything but simple.

People talked about that delicious Bison French Onion Dip like it could help them channel their youth. And for those few moments when they were engaged in the conversation they may have actually gone back in time. I had friends from around the country wax poetic about how they would buy it in Western New York when visiting and bring it back home to enjoy.

This past November when my son came home for his first Thanksgiving since moving to New York he posted a list on my personal Facebook wall. What was number one on his list?

Bison Dip

Number two was Molson Canadian (in bottles) and number three was DiCamillo’s bread.

There were as many comments about the “dip delivery system” as there were with the dip.

It was interesting having my dipping moxy challenged.

I had some multi-grain pita chips and decided that Crosby Stills and Nash were right when they crooned that you should “Love The One You’re With.” But Bison Dip purists would agree that Wavy Lays are the best chip to use because the need for “chip extraction” is reduced.

I laugh as I write about “dip delivery system” and “chip extraction” because these were part of a real conversation I had with my son and nephew who have thought way too much about this whole business.

Yes, we love food. We love to eat it, prepare it and talk about it. I asked my friends to talk about their favorite food memory and where they grew up. I delighted in their answers.


Jucy-lucy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My cousin Sharyl, who has lived in Minnesota for many years, spoke about a burger called the Juicy Lucy.

Her description: yum!

I did some research and learned it is a cheese burger with the cheese on the inside. You have to wait a few moments before biting it because many people are burned by the melty cheesy goodness that squirts out.

There are two bars in Minneapolis that spell it differently. The 5-8 Club calls it the Juicy Lucy and while Matt’s Bar calls it a Jucy Lucy. The competition reminds me of Philadelphia and their cheesesteak where Pat’s and Geno’s duke it out every year.

We love food.

Karyn mentioned a pizzeria/bakery in Niagara Falls (it is now in Lewiston NY – a top 10 Small Town in the USA). I remember Trucello’s because it was not far from my grandmother’s house. Karyn says “it covered all five senses. A true food experience.” I just remember the oil dripping up my arm as I ate it. And, that was not a bad thing.

Mary, who grew up in Annapolis Maryland remembers Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs. There is nothing like eating seafood that was likely swimming the day before.

“My grandmothers cornbread made in little cob shaped cast iron molds. She served it with butter and honey! Yumm!” was posted by my friend Sandra who hails from Nashville, TN. My sister and I pass our grandmother’s molds back and forth because you cannot beat a well seasoned pan.

Terese remembers Rocco’s Pizzeria in Waterford Michigan. “My Mom and Dad took us every Friday on a pay week! Mr. Rocco was behind a glass window flipping the dough for your pizza!” I asked her what made it so special and she said “the sausage they used for a topping, and the wonderful show he put on for his customers! It was definitely a treat to go out for dinner!”

I’ll bet she hasn’t thought about Rocco for years but simply by the detailed description she went back to a simpler time, when dad got his paycheck and the family was together.

We love food.

Close your eyes and remember the one food that brings you back in time. What is it? Care to share?

Have a yummy week.

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