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Don’t be afraid to show off your herb appeal


UPDATE: It is not too late to plant an herb garden. This column was originally published one year ago. The picture above is how it looks one year later!

June 2nd, 2011

I have a friend who is a native of Southern California and lives in a beautiful home with a view of canyons and a peak at the Pacific Ocean.

One morning, just after the sprinklers did their thing, I walked through the sliding glass door to the backyard and smelled a fresh scent of rosemary. It was as if someone was cooking herb potatoes right there in the backyard. Combine the stunning view with the savory smell and I wanted to freeze that piece of time forever.

I soon realized the three foot wide bushes were rosemary. The stems of her plants are so hardy she can cut them and use them as skewers for grilling. Imagine infusing meat and vegetables this way. Yum!


This year I am planting some herbs in a long box on my deck. It gets sun from the east. It truly is an experiment because I think there may not be enough sun. The beauty of plants is that for a very small investment you can get a big bang. If they do not make it, it’s not like losing a tree.

Along with Rosemary, I planted Italian flat leaf Parsley for everyday cooking. It has seemingly doubled already and I only put them in yesterday.

I planted Sage because not only do I love the celery green color, I love using it in poultry dishes and as a surprise flavor in lemonade. Try adding some sage to your simple syrup (water and sugar boiled until thick) for a delicious surprise. Keep a few sprigs as a mystery garnish.

Tarragon is planted next to the parsley. I use this hint of licorice flavored herb in sauces and stews. Tarragon is the star of Béarnaise sauce. Sometimes I just use it as a pass through. I will make a sauce using whole sprigs of tarragon and removing them before serving. In the middle are garlic chives.

I have never used it before but not only did I like the shape and color next to the tarragon and rosemary, when I pinched a bit with my fingers and rubbed the essential oil I got an aroma which made me hungry.

There is a distinct garlic tone. I think I will use this in a sauté of vegetables or as part of a marinade for flank steak.

Here is a current look at the garden.

The tarragon didn’t make it so this year I dropped a German Thyme in its place. It smells really good and I’m excited to use it in sauce and for grilling.

How does your garden grow?

Have a yummy week!

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The Art of the Facebook Friend Request

It’s creepy to friend request someone a generation younger than you.  I mean, really really creepy.  Don’t do it.  Then you are a creep.

I learned this early in my social media life.  Years ago, when Facebook became an athletic department nemesis, our Director of Athletics gathered the entire department in a large classroom and explained that each coach needed to get on Facebook and see the pictures their student athletes posted and tagged.  14 of our 16 sports had pictures tagged which, if not an NCAA violation, were a violation of our code of behavior. 

They were given one week to clean things up and staff was asked to set up an account and poke around, as well.  I set my account up then forgot about it.  About a month before my son was graduating from high school I got my first friend request.  It was from his best friend.  I only knew because I got an e-mail about his request and that he wrote on my wall.  My wall?

I accepted and took a peek at my account but still had no idea how it really worked.  Within a week at least 20 of his friends requested me and I accepted them all.  My son thought it was the strangest thing and did not want to have any part of me being on Facebook.  I totally respected his feelings and never EVER asked him to include me.  This was his world and I did not want to interfere.

The kids included me in conversation and when they went away to school they kept in touch with a quick post or tag.  Sometime first semester my son requested me and I enjoy being a part of this world. 

Here are my rules:

            I never request anyone a generation younger than me.  That includes my cousin’s kids, my son’s friends and kids in the neighborhood.  If they want me in their timeline they request me.  I am pleased to say I have developed wonderful relationships with many of the “cousins” and respect their invitations by not stalking their wall.

            Unless they are close personal friends, I do not request any co-workers.  I think it is important to recognize that relationships at work are not the same as relationships outside of work. 

            If I do not recognize a name (especially a female who chooses not to use her maiden name) and we have no friends in common, I ignore.  Linkedin and Twitter are the professional me.  Facebook is a peek inside my living room.  I don’t open my door to strangers.  

That little icon pops up and gives me a burst of excitement every time.  Who will it be?  Is it someone I haven’t heard from in years?  High school?  College?  I can hardly wait to click the little red icon and see who it is…

Life is good!


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Vet Your Twitter Followers with This Ratio


Anyone who knows me knows I am a numbers geek.  I count everything…the stairs (twelve from my second floor to the first then one more), cars ahead of me in the toll line, people at a boardroom table wearing school colors, and how many wheels of parmesan cheese were in the aging vault in Parma, Italy (over 26,000 valued at over $1.7 million).

I have been Tweeting a lot lately about how important I think it is to read the Tweets of a follower before making the decision to follow them.  Being followed is a privilege, not a right.

In March I revived my original Twitter account @JudeCaserta and decided to keep track of my followers.  Along with doing this I paid careful attention to the Tweets of folks before I would follow back.  Over time, there was one relatively sure fire way to know if an account is spam without reading too many Tweets.

Take a look at the ratio of total followers to number of lists they appear on.  For example, just a few hours ago I was followed by someone who has 1,407 followers and is following 1,548.  Not bad, actually.  His problem is that he is listed only 6 times and one of the lists he is on is actually called spammers!  Dude is listed 1 time for every 234 followers.  Not a good addition to your timeline.

Mine is a reasonably good 17.  I have 734 followers and appear on 42 lists (none of which say spam or imply spam!).  I was followed yesterday by a woman who is followed by 5,605 people and is on 393 lists – so that’s about a 14 (I think that’s great!).  One of my favorite Tweeps has 764 followers and is on 116 lists for a ratio of about 6.  He is a superstar!

So, for a quick way to vet your followers, check the number of lists they appear on to the number of followers.  A quick block never hurt anyone!

Life is good!


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