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I am so honored that you are visiting my blog. I never know who is reading it. Would you take a minute or two and let me know you stopped by? Also, please let me know what topics you enjoy the most.

If you have a blog or website, please let me know. Sharing is the most fun part of writing!

Thank you SO MUCH for spending some of your valuable time with me.



22 thoughts on “Guest Book

  1. Hi Jude, I never knew what a blog was until I saw yours. It’s fun to share thoughts with others and get different opinions and ideas. glad I found it. You sound like you have an unbelievable job in the game of sports!!

  2. Giving in from pressure from Joey….bought second IPad. David connected me to your blog. Your a nice compliment to my morning cup of coffee. Keep em coming…..

  3. I love every aspect, part, word, memory you create and document. I am so very proud of you and can not wait to follow you through your life’s passion.

  4. I enjoyed the read. I also grew up in Lewiston, corner of 7th and Fairchild. The ugly blue house was ours. We had the entire corner lot, they have since built homes there. My earliest memories include, Rosies Candy store next to Coppins, Helms groceries, now Apple Grannys, Lumber yard on S. Eigth with train tracks that ran into the tunnel under Center St., Water tower on Lewiston Hill, Portage Road continues up the hill, Eddie Kobeski, Eleanor the wart lady, Bill Piper, Frank “let’s be frank about this” Wasko, Bill “you have got alot of gall” Gall, Cal “#$&*^?” Wier, Shorty Antolene, Stark Weather mansion, (inspiration for “Arsenic and Old Lace”) Sand sucker, Indian totem pole on River Road, Chateau Gay, now Artpark,

  5. It was great seeing you this morning at the Orange Cat with the Food Channel Road Brothers along and Rand McNally! You really seemed to be comfortable and in “your element” !!

  6. Hi, Jude,

    I’m awed by your web site. It’s terrific. Great pictures of the Road Bros. visit. Congratulations on your fantastic organization skills. I’m totally impressed.


    • I’m really flattered, Mary! Thank you for spending your time reading my stuff.

      The Best of the Road was one of my most memorable experiences of my life.

      Thank you and please keep in touch here. Let me know what you enjoy.

      Have a yummy week!


  7. What a combo a passionate Italian writing about food and her hometown. Bring on some of those “secret” family recipes. – Little Ralphie from Hertel Avenue

  8. Little Ralphie? Love the name – why don’t you think of a post or two with your “secret family recipes?” The first one I think of is your father’s stuffed peppers…my mouth is watering just thinking about that…and my nose is running, too! Love to all!

  9. Hey Judie I didnt know about this site It is great. Let me know when you are doing cooking shows I went to a few in Buffalo and it was fun..

    • Thanks. This one was scheduled rather quickly. We are hoping to do others soon. The best thing you can do is to follow my blog. This way you can be among the first to hear of it.

      Thanks so much for the compliments on my website and for commenting.

      Have a yummy day!


  10. Hey Judie – just found your blog while playing around on Facebook. The shredded chicken stew caught my eye – now I’m hooked! Hope all is well. It’s been a long time!
    Have a great day!
    Maria (Ponzi) Luce

  11. Hi Jude,
    What fun running across your blog while cruising around pinterest. Even more fun to see familiar names and remembered faces, Don Hoolihan, Maria Ponzi:-) I’ll be sure to check back often. Listen, we must must must connect when you get to FL one of these trips. Elaine Taibi Aaron

  12. Great meeting you and Amy tonight at Oliver’s. Great blog. I’ll share it. And you ladies are a lot of fun! –Amy

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