That Bifocal Display at the Drugstore

I’m 52.  I have no problem saying that.  I love and embrace my age.  My brother died when he was 48 and when I turned 50 I did it for both of us.  I am living in the area where I grew up.  How do you fake your age when you went to school with someone or one of their siblings?  How many times do we ask someone “did you go to school with my brother” or “I remember you from high school, how are you doing?”  Everyone would have to lie about their age!

There are so many changes a body goes through as we get older.  Some things get better and some things…not so much!  My metabolism is as slow as getting that last drop of ketchup out of the bottle (yeah, I know, my fault but that is next week’s blog) but my voice seems to continue to improve (although the high notes are more elusive I have gained a rich lower register).

If you are nearsighted there is a certain time when reading without your glasses is much easier than with them on.  If you have never worn glasses before you likely find yourself coyly looking for reading glasses at the drugstore.  Have you ever noticed the display is not in a discreet place?  They should have an embarrassment spot at any drugstore where you go to buy condoms, pregnancy kits and bifocals.  Problem is, you can spot the old person because they are reading the condom package with glasses with a big tag hanging off their nose.

Gotta go…on my way to my opthamologist to get a new prescription!

Life is good!


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