The Psychology of Halloween Candy


This is my completely unscientific, totally opinionated and baseless analysis of what your Halloween candy says about you.

You bought your first supply of candy as soon as it was in the store.
You think buying school supplies and Halloween candy at the same time is efficient. You are a planner. You also buy birthday cards in January for the whole year.
You have hidden it in a safe place so you wouldn’t eat it until Halloween.
Unfortunately you cannot find it so you have to buy more.

You bought candy in early October and hid it in a safe place and ate it yourself. You are also a planner. You are the classic passive aggressive eater. Since you displayed self control waiting until October you deserve a treat, right?
Unfortunately you have to buy more.

You bought candy weeks ago and hid it in a safe place but your family found it. You shop with your children. You are easily distracted. Um…wait…what?
Unfortunately you have to buy more.


You buy candy you don’t like.
There you go, playing tricks on yourself again. You buy candy you don’t like with the thought that you won’t be tempted to eat it. You also watch the Food Network’s hit show Chopped or Sweet Genius so you know how to melt anything down and create a delicious confection.
Unfortunately, you have to buy more.

You buy candy you like.
Duh? You’re brilliant. You know life’s too short to not have a treat. Eat now…worry later.
Unfortunately, you have to buy more.

You buy six bags of candy for an annual parade of 12 Trick or Treaters.
You are a hoarder. You have 12 packages of Mac and Cheese years beyond the expiration date. You go to the wholesale market and buy giant sized nacho cheese jars and you don’t even like it. BOGO sales make your heart go a-pitter-patter.
Unfortunately, you will buy more.

You buy 10 times the amount of Halloween candy you will give away just a few days early.
You are an overachiever. You buy candy with the intention of giving the remainder away at work. You have a candy bowl on your desk so that people don’t have to only come and see you when they have a problem. You like to feed people. You are like a bartender of candy because people tell you all about their relationship with food, why they are only going to have one (cutting back, you know…but these are fun sized so can I take one to eat walking back to my office?), and the feeling they have while biting into a York Peppermint Pattie.
Unfortunately, I just described myself, and I always buy more!

Have a yummy Halloween. I hope it’s Boooooteafull!



A Lovely Evening At Water Street Landing


The weather today was just like our wedding day, 32 years ago…it rained all day long in spite of my mother hanging rosary beads on the bushes outside the house. You cannot stop the rain…my mother still is not over it!

We decided to celebrate close to home at Water Street Landing in Lewiston, NY. I’d say the view was fantastic (if it were daylight or not raining I would be correct) but the lack of daylight and clouds reduced the opportunity.

But, if you are there just for the view then you have not taken the time to look at the menu. There are always specials and I usually like to try those because you are sure to get the freshest catch but I was uncertain about lobster with maple. Maybe it’s just me…

We started with our favorite cocktails served to our satisfaction. Mine was a lemon drop, the perfect combination of sweet and, well, sweet. It was filled so high I had to sip it on the table in the best ladylike sip I could muster.

We ordered calamari with our drinks. They were lightly fried with a Vietnamese chili aioli. I like the aioli but did not find it particularly spicy.

We shared a bowl of lobster bisque, sliding it between us. I really enjoy this soup and try to order it each visit. It did not disappoint.

My entree was the Lobster Pasta. I loved the bite of sun dried tomatoes. The tomato sherry cream sauce was smooth and mild. The fettuccine was cooked al dente, just the way I like it. There was a perfectly cooked Australian Lobster Tail, split, in the shell on top of the perfect pasta. The Langostinos were chopped and generously mixed through out the dish. I brought home more than I could eat and enjoyed each bite.

We drank a nice Australian Malbec but don’t remember the vintner. I appreciate a restaurant who understands that wine tastes different depending on the glass. Our server also did not over fill the glass, allowing us to enjoy the wine completely.

It was very cute to see the staff decked out in Halloween finery. Our server was a devil but sweet as heck!

She offered dessert and after listening to the offerings decided on a Creamsicle cheesecake. It was served on a large white plate with a fruity sauce scribbled on the plate. The sauce was tart and the cheesecake brought back memories of the ice cream truck and the creamsicles that made me forget the guy didn’t have chocolate!

I think what makes me the happiest is that we have so many wonderful places to eat just a few miles from home. Water Street Landing was the perfect place to celebrate our anniversary.

Have a yummy day!