Giving up on Perfect…Is


The table is totally trashed…linen, glasses, cookie crumbs…the post holiday table at it’s finest. The only difference for me is that this picture was taken on December 26th, not Christmas night. image

Now, my mother has given me much sage advice over the years and she has proven to be 98.76% correct. That other 1.24% includes never go to bed with a messy kitchen.

First off, if I took that advice I’d die of sleep deprivation.

Second, who exactly is harmed when I don’t clean up? If the little fairies don’t come in during the night, who else will see it?

And if the little fairies do come and they don’t clean up then what good are they, anyway?

I have discovered that what would take me 2 hours at night will only take 30 minutes in the light of the next day.

I was not struck by lightening last night. All that happened was a good night’s sleep.

Have a yummy day!


Birthday Treats and Always Being A Mom



This guy is 22 today. The beanie hat has been replaced by a briefcase but he did have a ride in the subway today…to work.

Even 10 years ago I would have baked a treat and gone to school with fresh pressed cider from a local farm and shared with his class. One year, when my grandmother passed away my husband did treat duty. Otherwise it was a tradition I enjoyed without reserve.

Birthday cakes were homemade in our house growing up and we did the same for our kids. Every year we would get their feedback and create the treat of choice. We made a big deal of preparing and packaging the confections and it made their birthday even more special.

Perhaps the best compliment my sister ever received from my foodie niece came a few years back when one of her classmates celebrated her birthday at school.

My sister asked her what the treats were.

“Oh, they were ok. Cupcakes.”

My sister reminded her she loved cupcakes and she responded:

“But Mommy, they were from the STORE!”

Happy birthday to my 22 year old baby. Oh what I wouldn’t give to be able to visit your client this afternoon with some freshly pressed Niagara County cider and homemade brownies.

Have a yummy (birth)day!


Who Doesn’t Love The Youngstown Firemen Field Days?


20120902-121628.jpgFireworks, kettle corn and a parade along with visiting with friends, the last weekend before school and a beer tent. What’s not to love?

Say hi at the beer tent tonight!

Have a yummy Labor Day weekend!