Zoom Zoom…Time Flies!

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Today’s musings are not about being a foodie but just about being Jude. It’s about that sobering realization that we raise our children to leave us.

20120803-083444.jpgThis picture of my son wearing an FAO Schwartz beanie hat was taken about 15 years ago, in a 5th Avenue subway station. I’d say it was a simpler time but I think we reframe and reprint memories. I was likely just as frantic then as I am today…yet all I remember is the sweet exuberance of a bright child trying to learn everything he could and pack it into a day with an 8:30 pm bedtime.

20120803-084122.jpgI’ll bet when my mom sees this picture she won’t remember how stressful her life was at the time this picture was taken. Her husband was working 80+ hours a week, striking out on his own when I was born, opening a used car lot with my uncle while she was trying to take care of two children (my sister did not come along for another 2 1/2 years). It’s funny how we understand our parents so much more as we get older ourselves.

I said something to her the other day and we both had a big belly crunching tear evoking laugh. I said “Oh my God, Ma, Anthony is actually moving away from home!” She looked at me with the same smirk she used to ask me to wipe off my face and said “Imagine that! A child moving away from home. I’ll bet that’s never been done before!” Yeah. Ok. Point taken.

20120803-090953.jpgHe turned 21 last year. Zoom zoom. He was just six. Yesterday he signed a lease on an apartment in NYC.

20120803-091953.jpgI guess the bottom line is, we raise our children to leave us.

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences on letting go…Have a yummy weekend20120803-092249.jpgJudeTheFoodie.com


First Day of School but No Picture

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When Anthony was a little boy we used to always take videos and pictures.  As doting parents, it was our responsibility to record every moment in his life.  Actually, I’m not that good.  I am the person filled with good intentions.  I am the one who starts a journal then leaves the pen on the page for days.  I try to catch up but write babble (likely much like this!) and set pen down again in frustration.  Months later I re-read what I wrote and feel wholly inadequate.

Much was the same with Anthony.  At the beginning we took lots and lots of pictures.  As time went on the camera was saved for birthday parties, holiday dinners and Christmas.  We have at least always been dedicated to taking pictures on vacations.  Phew…at least that went well.

Unintentionally, at first, we created my favorite video of Anthony.  When he started Kindergarten we taped him packing up his backpack (filling it with all of those glue sticks I talk about in a previous blog).  We walk down the street to the bus stop and film the big bus gobbling him up.  That year we did a post school interview.  Low and behold, we did not pick up that tape again until the beginning of 1st grade.  It was then I had the idea of filming about five minutes a year during the preparation and beginning of school.  The tradition caught on quickly and became one of the most enjoyable parts of school preparation.

First we would go school shopping with the irritating list of school supplies.  Then we would come home and watch the video from previous years.  By 7th grade it was pretty long and there was resistance from Anthony but I didn’t care.  I was bound and determined to get these clips!  And, I did!  The tape is not only a review of how much he grew each year he began doing commentary about current events.  There was even a short clip about my brother’s passing in 2001.  It is one of my most prized possessions.  I think I’m going to go watch it right now!

Life is good!


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Twas the night before move in…

I sit here on the bed of the Shelton, CT Courtyard Marriott typing my first school year blog.  The summer was gone in a flash with four family graduations and all of the parties and going away dinners.  The kids are starting their first year at Geneseo, Canisius and Harvard.  There were lots of scholarships and proud parents.

Freshman drop off is hard.  I don’t care how prepared you are, we have so much invested in our kid’s lives…it’s so hard to let go of the day to day process.  I even missed car pool…actually, that’s a lie.  I never missed car pool.  I had 10 minutes of the most intense crying of my life (and, that’s saying a lot considering…).  He adjusted well and we got to see him during the semester at swim meets, even if it was for 10-15 minutes.

Sophomore year was a breeze.  My son asked if I was going to cry and all I could say was “come on, move it, Dad and I want to listen to the Bills game on the way home!”  Well, I wasn’t that bad but it certainly was not the same.

This year seems different, yet again.  This year we know he will spend most of next summer doing an internship in New York City.  So…let’s just say, this year is very emotional.

Thing is, though…I couldn’t be happier for him!  He will be working at a CPA firm in Stamford during the school year and for Price Waterhouse Coopers in NYC in 2011.  He has been working out all summer and hopes to have a great swim year…January in Hawaii and championships at home in Buffalo.

Life is good!

Jude Caserta

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