Don’t You Dare Say “It’s Only Division III”

Being a college athlete is a big deal.  There are only about 400,000 NCAA student athletes out of nearly 8,000,000 college students across the country.

I just read a very interesting press release posted on the website of the National Federation of State High School Associations titled “High School Sports Participation Tops 7.6 Million, Sets Record.”  Think about this: 55.1% of high school students participated in athletics last year – more than 1 in 2 students had a coach, had to juggle academics and athletics and had to learn what it was like to lose.

What struck me, though, is that when you look at these raw numbers still fewer than 5% of these student athletes participate in college sports in one of the three NCAA ( divisions.  Even if you assume that half of them participate in two sports and one quarter of them participate in three sports that percentage only goes up to 8%.

Not every student athlete wants to compete at the BCS Division I level.  Many of them know they need to concentrate on their studies to get them into graduate school or into the workforce.  Athletics, to them, is a way to round out their college experience.  My son is a Division I student athlete who gets no money to compete in the pool – his scholarship money (full tuition) comes from academic sources.

Parents, as you help your high school student athlete look for colleges, keep mid-major schools on their radar.  They have the greatest percentage opportunity to combine academics and athletics for a fantastic college experience.

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The Continuous Reinvention of Me

It is 49 degrees and sunny in Boston this morning.  I am already in the hotel lobby working on my slides.  I keep studying and revising and rethinking and over-thinking…I MUST STOP THE MADNESS!

I have been waiting for this opportunity for years.  I truly believe that speaking is a part of my future.  I love being with people and telling them about what I do.  When asked I say that I am the Athletic Business Manager at Canisius College and President of my own consulting company.  With whom do I consult?  I work with colleges and universities and help them create a culture of fiscal integrity.  I aid in the creation of a Business Operations Manual which includes best practices and my own copyrighted accounting information system called The Shadow System©.

How did I get here?

I tied grape vines to wires when I was 13 years old.  Truly a dirty job but it was outside and my friends all sang songs and got sunburned on cool sunny March days.

I was a receptionist then bookkeeper, then office manager at my father’s car dealership.

I was a bookkeeper and cashier at the bookstore at Canisius College.

I got my degree in Accounting at Canisius College (are you picking up on a theme here?)

I was a bookkeeper and store clerk at Yachting World in my tiny hometown.

I was a music teacher for a year at my parish parochial grammar school.  Easily the most fun job I was totally unqualified for.  I had it for a year after my first child died.  Sister Donald told me I was helping her but years later I know she saved my life by giving me a reason to get up in the morning.

I was Director of Accounting at Canisius College.

I was ticket manager at Canisius College.

I was Athletic Business Manager (still doing this one after nearly 20 years) at Canisius College.

I was Senior Women Administrator at Canisius College.

I helped the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference develop agreed-upon procedures years before the NCAA created theirs.

I got my Masters in Sport Administration from…come on…guess!

I served on the NCAA Financial Reporting Committee.

I am consult with several Division I schools.

I am a wife, mother, volunteer, national anthem singing golfer who loves long walks on the beach J  Anyway, I have done a whole lot of things in my day and am buoyed by the thought that I am really just beginning!

Please let me know if you read my blog.  I truly appreciate your time and wish you nothing but the best!

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