Movie Ratings Are Upside Down

I didn’t realize that The King’s Speech was rated “R” until I was in line buying our tickets at the Cinema 20 in Boca Raton.  Hmmm do we see Wallis Simpson’s yayas?  Do we see the King’s butt like Alec Baldwin’s in It’s Complicated ?  I seriously didn’t know.

Turns out, it is because he uses the “F” word when he is angry and does not stammer.  A teenage nymph can show her tattooed boobies covered by a dot and it gets a PG-13 rating.  The King f-bombs in context in this true story and it gets an “R” rating…it’s nonsensical to me…mind blowing.  I’m getting old, it’s true.

Who wouldn’t want their teen seeing The King’s Speech?  It is steeped in history and tells a story of courage and fortitude. 

I had more than one person say they would go to more movies if they were made as well as this one.  Granted, this movie is extraordinary but I realize I am getting old because I am no longer the demographic the studios are targeting. 

I particularly loved how human the characters are portrayed.  And, they were fully clothed, even Wallis, who got her guy!

Life is good!


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