Vet Your Twitter Followers with This Ratio


Anyone who knows me knows I am a numbers geek.  I count everything…the stairs (twelve from my second floor to the first then one more), cars ahead of me in the toll line, people at a boardroom table wearing school colors, and how many wheels of parmesan cheese were in the aging vault in Parma, Italy (over 26,000 valued at over $1.7 million).

I have been Tweeting a lot lately about how important I think it is to read the Tweets of a follower before making the decision to follow them.  Being followed is a privilege, not a right.

In March I revived my original Twitter account @JudeCaserta and decided to keep track of my followers.  Along with doing this I paid careful attention to the Tweets of folks before I would follow back.  Over time, there was one relatively sure fire way to know if an account is spam without reading too many Tweets.

Take a look at the ratio of total followers to number of lists they appear on.  For example, just a few hours ago I was followed by someone who has 1,407 followers and is following 1,548.  Not bad, actually.  His problem is that he is listed only 6 times and one of the lists he is on is actually called spammers!  Dude is listed 1 time for every 234 followers.  Not a good addition to your timeline.

Mine is a reasonably good 17.  I have 734 followers and appear on 42 lists (none of which say spam or imply spam!).  I was followed yesterday by a woman who is followed by 5,605 people and is on 393 lists – so that’s about a 14 (I think that’s great!).  One of my favorite Tweeps has 764 followers and is on 116 lists for a ratio of about 6.  He is a superstar!

So, for a quick way to vet your followers, check the number of lists they appear on to the number of followers.  A quick block never hurt anyone!

Life is good!


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Who’s Idea Was It to Tweet Famous People’s Quotes, Anyway?

I’ll admit it; I’m in a cranky mood right now.  What’s with all of these famous people quotes?  The more followers you have the more famous people quotes.

Every time I read something about how to be a good and generous Tweeter, gurus will tell you to add value to folk’s timeline.  They say: be yourself, don’t try to sell all of the time and Tweet interesting quotes.  Really?

Let’s say you are using Twitter to make valuable connections and hope to market your product or service to folks who will benefit.  Think of Twitter as a great big cocktail party.  Here is what a famous people Tweeter would sound like at a party:

@You: Hi @FamousPeopleQuotes! It’s nice to meet you.  Tell me something about yourself.

@ FamousPeopleQuotes!: “Till I was 13, I thought my name was “”Shut Up.””””” Joe Namath

@You: Wow, Shut UP? That must have been rough!

@FPQ: “You can do one of two things; just shut up, which is something I don’t find easy, or learn an awful lot very fast which is what I tried to do.” Jane Fonda

@You: Well, shutting up is helpful sometimes but I am glad to hear you learned a lot fast. Good for you!

@FPQ: Friends are the sunshine of life. John Hay

@You: Friends are great! So, what brings you to this party? Are you friends of the host?

@FPQ: “Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty.” Stephen King

@You: Wow – I can really see why they invited you!

@FPQ: Let me tell you how to increase your friends by a million in 15 minutes without ever even meeting them, OK?

@You, talking to yourself – I just wasted two minutes of my life I can never get back.

Don’t be @FamousPeopleQuotes!

Life is good!


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